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We are Washington Academy

Student athletes will be provided the tools needed to grow in the classroom, on the basketball court, and in the real world. We understand that each student has different areas that need improvement. Washington Academy has developed a system so that each student will be assessed weekly in all areas and nurtured to allow for continual improvement. Students will be expected to come ready to learn each day while enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for any distractions that may interfere with the learning process.

Students will be treated like college students at Washington Academy and will be given assignments that will require self-motivation and time-management skills. We offer numerous activities that allow students to explore and enhance their talents and abilities.

The support of our community

The community of Greenville, is committed to supporting our Academy. We as a family, are dedicated to setting a good example for the children of the community and representing Greenville with great character.

With beautiful amenities and a strong support system, Washington Academy is the perfect place to grow and excel in your future endeavors. Schedule an appointment to visit us today!